Data Center Study

What is an Air Plenum Data Center Study?

This is a thorough inspection of your data center, with the focus on unseen risks associated with humidity control. Air Plenum technicians will check airborne dust levels and harmful buildup of dust on data center equipment. We assess existing and potential problems lurking above your ceiling tiles and below your raised floor panels. It is the essential first step to ensure peak performance from your equipment and to maximize data center efficiency and up time, saving your company substantial dollars.

Do you need a Data Center Study?

What you don't see could hurt you. A perimeter opening in your data center...

  • Allows humidity fluctuation
  • Wastes energy by letting cooling and humidity escape
  • Enables smoke and fire to enter
  • Can cause accidental fire suppression system activation

"The fire stopping Air Plenum did for us has resulted in our data center being cooler,” said the Data Center Manager for a large U.S. university. “We discovered, with the help of Air Plenum's study, some holes and gaps underneath our raised floor were causing us significant losses in temperature and humidity. They helped us improve our data center. We can tell the difference and our equipment thanks us for it."

What does it cost?

Compared to the price tag to replace your electronics damaged from smoke and fire entering your data center through unsealed openings, or when considering the high cost of wasted energy and humidity control, what you’ll spend for a Data Center Study is low. And, the cost for this assessment will be refunded to you with your award of a sealing contract with Air Plenum.

Be sure to compare “apples to apples” when evaluating sealing service bids for your data center. Safe, reliable and quality workmanship requires time and specialized training. Air Plenum bids clearly identify the materials to be used, standards to be met, and labor and overhead costs.

Contact us today for a price quotation and to arrange an Air Plenum Data Center Study, the vital first step to building an important partnership with Air Plenum.

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