Data Center Sealing

Environmental Enveloping.

Today’s modern data centers use high-density servers designed to operate at ambient air temperatures of 85°F (29°C) or higher. Conventional air-cooled servers rely on surrounding air to be a more comfortable 70°F (21°C). Often overlooked is that warmer air holds more moisture than cooler air. Operating a data center at a higher ambient air temperature saves energy costs, but the humidity can be more difficult to control. Dehumidification is costly – and even more if the data center has unsealed openings that allow dehumidified air to escape.

“Encapsulate” your data center. Most experts agree that relative humidity needs to be in the range of 20 to 30 percent to ensure reliable server performance. With ambient air leaks, it’s virtually impossible to achieve and hold this range. Put an environmental envelope around your data center to keep the required humidity-controlled air inside, allowing the humidity level to be low enough to ensure that the servers run at peak performance. Prevent the escape of climate-controlled air and improve your fire suppression system efficiency. Air Plenum will encapsulate your data center. We will conduct an infrastructure inspection and provide a report showing any areas of concern. Air Plenum will seal open wall penetrations to keep climate-controlled air in. We will apply sealer to your concrete subfloor to prevent moisture absorption and its release into surrounding air. You will save money through lower energy costs and more reliable data center operation, while preventing expensive damage to your computer equipment and data center shutdown.

Open Wall Penetrations.

Holes in walls and spaces around cables, conduits and ducts are more than just unsightly. These unwanted openings in the data center perimeter can lead to costly problems that include loss of cooling and controlled air humidity, fire suppression system malfunctions, entry of fire and smoke from sources outside the data center, and high energy usage for data center environment control critical to electronic components. These leaks beneath the raised floor and above the drop ceiling hurt your data center, stealing valuable operating efficiency, posing serious fire and smoke penetration risks, jeopardizing the 100 percent uptime performance you know you must have.

Sealing open wall penetrations saves money and increases equipment life. To see an example of energy savings using sensible cooling load, click here.

Air Plenum Will Help You Eliminate Open Wall Penetrations.

We are data center encapsulation specialists, having completed more than 15,000 square feet of fire penetration sealing in data centers and other critical environments without incident or downtime. The work is done neatly and thoroughly, in accordance with rigorous performance specifications and in compliance with fire and building codes. The result is the one you expect from Air Plenum – a professional and top quality installation with long-lasting results. For "before and after" examples, click here.

Contact us for information on how we can help you conserve energy, improve fire stopping and lower your costs. Ask about how an Air Plenum Data Center Study of your facility could save your business mission.

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