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Air Plenum provides precise, mission-critical IT cleaning services for Computer Rooms and Server Rooms. We clean all sensitive electronic equipment and the underfloor space beneath Data Center raised access floors and panels. Air Plenum works with companies of all sizes across the United States, with a strong focus on Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana and Washington D.C.

Dust deserves no place in your data center.

Dust robs your computer equipment of its efficiency. It inhibits transfer of heat away from sensitive electronics. Dust can clog smoke and fire detectors, posing serious risks to your Data Center operation.

Where does the dust come from?

Even fresh air contains dust, pollen and other particles that cause problems for computer equipment. Your air filtration system will help, but it won't eliminate all dust. Unsealed openings above suspended Server Room ceilings and beneath Computer Room raised floor access panels allow dust from outside to enter.

Dust forms from oxidation of the concrete subfloor below the raised floor. Climate-controlled air travels through the underfloor plenum, attracting dust particles before re-entering the Computer Room workspace. When this air recirculates to space under the raised floor panels, it brings with it new dust and other airborne contaminants it may find along the way. Dust in the air will end up exactly where you don’t want it.

Zinc-plated surfaces found on the underside of access floor tiles, support rails and pedestals that can be part of a raised floor system pose another risk. Over time, tiny needlelike particles called “zinc whiskers” form and grow on these surfaces. When needles break off, they enter the circulating air that transports them throughout the data center work environment. This can have devastating effects, causing short circuits and metal vapor arcs in sensitive electronics - costly data center down time and equipment repairs or replacement.

Air Plenum will help you and your air filtration system keep dust out. Since we began doing precision Data Center cleaning, we have provided our clients over 100,000 hours of reliable service with zero downtime.

Our specialized technicians will...

  • Clean the space beneath your raised floors to ISO Standard 14644, Class 5 using HEPA cleaning equipment
  • Seal your concrete subfloor with a durable coating that inhibits oxidation and the formation of microfine concrete dust
  • Perform data center floor top-surface cleaning, buffing and coating with an anti-static and non-toxic sealing material
  • Remove dust and other contaminants from computer equipment
  • Clean suspended ceilings and the spaces above
  • Mitigate zinc whisker affected problem areas

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Contact us to learn how we can help you keep your computer equipment clean, safe and operating at peak performance. Ask about how an Air Plenum Data Center Study of your facility can help your business.

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